Option 1: Sourcing and training new talent. This option is for those firms that want to hire a full-time analyst. We have candidates who have passed through our formal training program and performed at the highest level. You can save some of the cost of an executive recruiter and the time of having to advertise for and screen candidates as we present fully-prepared candidates direct to your firm for consideration.

Option 2: Outsourced supervised analysts. This option is for those firms that don’t have the budget to hire a full-time analyst but would like to add some capacity in research. The length of term is flexible and can be tailored to the needs of the firm. All work is proprietary and owned by you.

 Option 3: Training existing employees or new hires. This option is for those firms who have already identified or hired an analyst. If this person needs training to become more immediately productive, we provide that. This will save you the trouble of having to mentor and train yourself which can be a detriment to productivity.

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Quadrant 1's mission is to fix the inefficiency that exists in the process of meeting hiring needs in the professional investment space. Currently, firms spend countless hours collecting and sorting through resumes or pay exorbitant fees to executive recruiters in order to shortcut the process. In the end, the firm ends up with an inexperienced candidate or pays a premium for a candidate who has built up experience elsewhere. Quadrant 1 can deliver  on demand, high quality candidates with demonstrated ability to do the job at a reasonable cost and in timely fashion.

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Quadrant 1 curates a short list of formidable candidates and then narrows the gap between their demonstrable skills and those that make for a prospectively immediately accretive employee.



Our Process for aligning talent with firms is more rigorous than tradition executive recruitment and our training programs go beyond just classroom instruction offered by others. The steps involved include:

Identifying high-caliber talent:  Candidates are screened prior to acceptance into the training program. This is a highly selective process based on our evaluation of potential and level of interest in this career choice. The decision-makers are experienced practitioners with a history of identifying and training talented staff.

Formal classroom instruction: We will spend time with candidates teaching them the necessary skills to be a good analyst in the real world. Courses will be taught by senior industry professionals who will teach from their perspective as practitioners in the industry. The training will harness the candidate’s existing talents allowing for participants to fit seamlessly into an analyst role even without prior experience.

Work simulation:  All analysts upon completion of formal classroom instruction will assume coverage of a sector and produce research under strict supervision. Participants will produce professional level output that can be reviewed by you so that there is a tangible basis to judge the suitability of the candidate for your firm.

Presenting candidates: Participants in the program will be continuously evaluated throughout with feedback provided at every step of the way. We will only present to you handpicked candidates from the group who demonstrate a superior work ethic and competence as an investment analyst. Programs will be run on a rolling basis meaning there will constantly be a pool of candidates from which to choose.